BThe concept of branding is based on creating engagement between a brand’s intended target audience, and differentiating it’s visual messaging from that of it’s competitors in order to build a form of trust, loyalty and respect within its target audience, and even in those extending beyond it’s target market.

Whilst the ideals and goals of branding are primarily built on increasing sales, it is also used as a tool to echo the corporate messaging of a business, artist or individual and therefore relies quite heavily on good public relations and marketing strategies. In order to create good branding strategies, a great amount of care and consideration must be given during it’s research process, both in understanding the needs of the target audience, and the state of the market in general.

The branding and its messaging must be clear, direct and strong, separating it from its competitors and allow it’s target audience to quickly identify it. In order to maximize on your brands reach in the market, its important to maintain consistency across all your branding executions to avoid confusion and especially ensure the required association and recognition of your brand is met.

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Upgrade Your Branding

Give your branding a ‘Face Lift’ and start improving your business’ appeal to your customers and suppliers. Every business needs a bit of extra grooming from time to time, and WritersHand Studios is here to help you trim the loose ends and set you up with a fresh new look that is sure to have great engagement with your customers, and effectively drive your sales toward success. If you would like to know more about how to create a strong branding campaign that will help expand the reach of your business and assist you in achieving the engagement you want with your customers; then contact us for a consultation, and we would be happy to assist you.

Branding Solutions

Below are some of our most popular branding services:

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    Logo Design

    Your logo is the face that represents your brand.

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    Your letterhead is located at the top of company documents.

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    Business Cards

    Your business card is your most affordable advertising tool.

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    Email Signatures

    End your emails with a professionally branded signature.

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    Social Branding

    Your branding on social media platforms should always be visible.

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    Web Design

    Get your brand onto a new digital home so customers can find you.

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    Branded packaging is a great way to market your business.

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    Branded Merchandise

    Take your brand to the next level with branded gifts & merchandise.

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