Beyond the Product: The True Essence of a Brand

Beyond The Product

When you think of your favourite brands, what comes to mind first? Is it the product or service they offer, or is it something deeper, an intangible connection that goes beyond mere transactions? The truth is, a brand is not a product; it’s a promise. The essence of a brand transcends the physical or digital […]

The Power of the RAS Brain: Optimising Sales and Marketing Strategies

RAS Brain

In the realm of neuroscience, the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a fascinating and crucial component of the brain. Located in the brainstem, the RAS acts as a filter for the millions of bits of information our senses are constantly bombarded with, allowing only the most important information to reach our conscious mind. This filtering […]

Expect Turbulence: Adobe’s Plan to Discontinue Creative Cloud Synced Files

Expect Turbulence: Adobe's Plan to Discontinue Creative Cloud Synced Files - WritersHand Studios

Adobe Creative Cloud has been a cornerstone of the creative industry for many years, providing essential tools for designers, photographers, and other creatives. However, a recent decision by Adobe to discontinue their Creative Cloud Synced Files service has sent shockwaves through the creative community. This move has raised concerns about how it will affect the […]

The Birth of a Brand: Understanding the Power of Professional Marketing

The Birth of a Brand: Understanding the Power of Professional Marketing - WritersHand Studios

Many business owners fail to realise that their brand, and its message, will often out-live their businesses. That’s because a brand is an idea, an ideology, an ethos, and a promise to its followers and customers. Failing to build a brand in the right way from the beginning is a recipe for disaster for any […]

Does Meta’s Threads Tidy Up Twitter’s Loose Ends? A Quick Threads Summary

Meta Announces New Threads App In 100 Countries

Hey, guess what? Over the last few months, rumours have been circulating about a new app being deployed by Meta, and the day finally arrived: Meta has just released a cool new text-based app called Threads, and it’s available for free download in over 100 countries. You can grab it from the Apple App Store […]

Unlock Your eCommerce Potential With PIMS: Why You Need to Start Using Them Now

Unlock Your eCommerce Potential With PIMS

In an eCommerce world where consumer expectations are at their highest, having the right tools to make your store stand out is key. This article explores the power of Product Information Management Systems (PIMS) and why you should be using them for your online store. Find out how PIMS provide streamlined data management systems and […]

The Top 10 Interactive Web Design Trends That Will Dominate 2023

Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2023

If you’re looking for a competitive edge to make your website more innovative, then take a look at these trends. The world of development is constantly advancing and with new innovations, technologies and designs coming to the table each year, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with what’s happening. So here are our top 10 […]