Web Design Layout


PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot be purchased as a stand-alone item. It requires an existing website design in order to redeem the qualifying upgrade or service it relates to. It excludes content and additional development, and also excludes any additional plugins and coding that is not related to the nature of its service or achieving the result of its service.

With technology changing and the internet becoming more accessible through various mobile devices and platforms, websites and web elements need to adapt to the view of the user. Responsive website don’t redirect viewers, but instead rearranges the elements to fit the device the website is being viewed on. For more information on responsive design, see our Responsive Design Video.
Mobile web design is catered solely for use on mobile device platforms. This may be used in case you already have a desktop version of your site, and require a mobile version as an additional user experience. It may also be used to service instant services for online retail or for service-based businesses.

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