R5,000 p/m
Let’s take care of ALL your day-to-day design needs today. It’s as easy as signing up and telling us what you need done – and presto! Whether you need a logo, flyers, social media artwork, merchandise design, business cards, brochures, or all of the above. Your Unlimited Design package can take care of it all.

This plan is ideal for small to medium size businesses that is looking to take the visual representation of their brand to a whole new level. Can’t afford a full time designer? No problem! This plan is perfect for you.

Get a dedicated graphic designer to fulfil your brand’s design needs and take your business to another level. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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Unlimited Requests

Why limited the UNLIMITED!? That’s right, you have unlimited design requests with your plan, which means an endless supply of artwork for your business.

Unlimited Revisions

If your design isn’t perfect, it’s not complete. Take advantage of as many design revisions as you need to get it just right – and no additional charges.

Unlimited Growth

As your business grows, so will your design needs. Unlimited Design plans are scalable and you can simply expand your package.

Unlimited Storage

Why spend endless hours filing and storing? Your plan comes with unlimited cloud storage to store your design assets, safe and secure.

Unlimited Upgrades

Need a rush on your project or additional versions/formats? No problem! Simply request an upgrade on a specific project and we’ll assist you.

Unlimited Products

For businesses or agencies with more than one brand, you can simply order more than one plan. Now you can sign up for more than one design plan.

Are you ready? Then go ahead...