Reimagining, redesigning and enhancing the medical aesthetics website of S & S Aesthetics

The building blocks of brand architecture and experience design.

S & S Aesthetics, a doctor-owned medical aesthetic clinic in Cape Town, South Africa required a website that echoed the luxury of its founders and brand styling.


A Digital Brand Journey

Project Overview

The world of medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery is often seen as clinical, cold and methodical. Very rarely is it considered beautiful, bright and expressive. It also doesn’t help that the terminology and medical jargon are overwhelming for most consumers. However, the experience that S & S Aesthetics creates within the walls of their practice is warm, welcoming and wonderful to say the least. Imagine bright-coloured wallpapers in paisley prints and monstera leaves; bold and beautiful art pieces on the walls; and gold-encrusted decorative ornaments from Hindi and Indian cultural influences.

This was an atmosphere and visual aesthetic that both Dr. Siddharth R. Gautam and Dr. Saumya T. Gautam worked incredibly hard to create inside their practice on the 6th floor of the New Era Health Day Clinic in Foreshore, Cape Town.

Our team at WritersHand Studios, together with our partners at Get Published, knew that we needed to workshop the brand’s visual narrative and experience design. The first step would be to take a look at the existing website and redesign it to create the same luxurious brand experience.

Reimagining, redesigning and enhancing the medical aesthetics website of S & S Aesthetics - WritersHand Studios
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First Impressions

The Challenge

Firstly, our initial challenge was to try and convey the same message and experience on the website that we felt in the physical space. This was particularly challenging to do without capturing a visual representation of the practice. And there was no way stock imagery would capture this.

Considering the fact that 94% of first impressions are design-related, we wanted to ensure that the website created the right one. The intent of the website was two-fold – to visually represent the brand and create a lasting impression, as well as to convert visitors into customers.

We also needed to understand the customer journey within the standard operating procedures of the business and try to optimise the journey.


Reimagining, redesigning and enhancing the medical aesthetics website of S & S Aesthetics - WritersHand Studios

The Design Elements

Visual Communication

Our team had the pleasure of taking a closer look at the interior elements inside the physical space which inspired the visual branding elements we intended to use on the website. One of the first things we realised was the unique use of flora inside the space, as well as the beautiful textured wallpaper with monstera leaf patterns in the main areas. Since the space echoed the cultural heritage of the owners, many Hindi and Indian elements were scattered throughout the space, especially the use of gold and gold-coloured decor.

The monstera leaves inspired us to create a custom signature pattern for background elements on the website. This pattern could be used in the violet and royal blue elements on the website, and a soft pink hue was applied to many elements on the website and branded stationery elements we designed for the brand.

S&S Aesthetics

A New Approach

The Solution

Thanks to high-quality photographs from a planned photoshoot, combined with content that we drafted and design elements we curated, the website finally came together.

The content mapping took an incredible amount of time, as well as developing all the consumer copy content with the medical experts and doctors. We created categories for each of the treatments and then a dedicated page for each treatment to improve search engine optimisation (SEO).

Additionally, we ensured that call-to-actions were placed on every page to increase conversion opportunities. Finally, we optimised the website for mobile responsiveness prior to deployment in the live environment. We’re exceptionally proud of the product we were able to deliver in just 6 weeks, which included writing, editing, design, prototyping, developing and so much more.

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