Growing Beyond Coronavirus
Growing Beyond Coronavirus

Growing Beyond Coronavirus

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By February 2020 the world was hit by the full magnitude and crashing reality of a global pandemic known as the Coronavirus (Covid-19). With a global impact of over 330,000 infections and over 14,000 deaths, the disease spread like wildfire, and still, no cure is in sight. Many countries have gone under national disaster status, with some having to impose nationwide lockdowns – where does that leave an already crippled economy? The truth is – yes, the deaths and infections are scary, but we experience deaths in greater numbers every day, however, it is likely that the Covid-19 virus is more likely to bankrupt more individuals and businesses than it’s going to kill globally. So, how can we survive, evolve, learn and innovate so that our businesses keep growing beyond Coronavirus?

The Announcement

On Sunday, 15 March 2020, South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that South Africa will go into a state of national disaster and that lockdown may be looming, it became clear that businesses and livelihoods were never going to be the same again – not for a long time. As is in business, to recover from a week takes a month, and to recover from a month can sometimes take half a year. So the task, amidst social distancing and self-isolating, is to innovate and to do it quickly.

Let us ask ourselves, what are the current operational functions of our business, and how do we solve operational constraints that limit our ability to offer our product and promote our brand so that we continue to generate revenue and grow sustainably? In 2015, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, gave a TED Talk which covered our readiness for the next global disease outbreak where he clearly advised that business innovation and economic readiness was not up to par – we simply were NOT ready. So what is needed to get ourselves ready, and how do we sustain our economic growth during this time?

The Solution

The answer, quite simply, is digital. Bill Gates knew this, and so did many in the tech, design and branding industries. Extending the reach of your brand and finding innovative ways to bring your product/services to more customers must be a top priority for any business looking for sustainable solutions and ways to grow profits – with or without the Coronavirus or any other pandemic. The internet is here!! So why aren’t we using it? Your first step is to get online, whether it be via social media, email marketing or getting a website – you’ve simply got to make the transition. And this is crucial whether you’re a salon, product sales store, mechanic, plumber or accounting firm. If nobody knows about your product/services or the many ways you can still render it, then how on earth do you plan on surviving this?

We Can Help

At WritersHand Studios, we’ve been assisting many of our clients, and other businesses make that leap, and consult on strategic business solutions to either reshape the current offering of many businesses (regardless of operational and logistics constraints) and to find digital solutions to marketing and converting customers with as little capital impact as possible. The time is NOW!! You cannot afford to wait a moment longer as global economies are sliding quickly, and you do not want you or your business to become another victim of the Coronavirus pandemic – through poor financial and digital readiness.

Contact us today to book your consultation, so that we can help you and your business to remain profitable, go digital and continue its journey of growing beyond Coronavirus.

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